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Flyer of an workshop for transitioning in the German health system. In front a text box.


Online Workshop with Kim Wichera
Saturday, 16.10.  02.00 - 05.00 p.m.
via Zoom
Language: German
Platform: Zoom

Registration at

This event is for people on the spectrums of trans*, inter*, nonbinary, genderqueer.

You are currently in transition or would like to start soon? As of this year, a new assessment guideline for the coverage of transition measures by health insurance companies is in effect. But what exactly does that mean? What changes? What remains the same?

In the workshop with Kim Wichera, we want to support you to get through your medical transition well and to master hurdles such as the applications for cost coverage well. Detailed insights will be given, questions will be answered and knowledge will be imparted, which will help to assert claims against the health insurance and the medical services.

Speaker: Kim Wichera is an activist, artist, editor and social worker.

Duration: 3 hours

Please register by email at:

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