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Panel discussion: “The New Health Movement: We demand!”

Participants: Die Minga (Bundesfachnetz Gesundheit und Rassismus), Tzoa (Casa Kuà), Isidora Randjelovic (RomaniPhen), Carolina Gachie and Grace Ngàngà (Women in Exile), Stefanie Wiens (<Platz da!>)
Moderated by Svetlana Kostic (RomaniPhen) and Inga Zimprich (Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe)
With Julia Bonn, Kim Wichera, Alina Buchberger, Huong Nam Nguyen Thi (Working groups)

Illustration and poster design: Tina Kaden

Languages: German, with English translation
Accessibility: wheelchair accessible, sound- or text-strong, Relaxed Performance, Early Boarding, trigger warning, free of charge, family friendly.


Info Possible triggers: Experiences in the health care system, some of which are violent, are addressed.
ca. 180 Min.


Please test yourself for Covid before attending the event. Speakers on the podium do not wear masks, masks are compulsory for the audience and small group work.

Not all people who go to the doctor in Germany today feel that medical care is equally safe and accessible. Numerous initiatives are currently proposing new forms of healthcare that focus on the needs of users, a space for community and mutual support, and knowledge about the effects of discrimination on health. The project group "The New Health Movement" is in discussion with some of these self-organised initiatives and asks them: What demands do you have on the German health system? Whose concerns and perspectives are not sufficiently taken into account? What needs to change fundamentally in the health system? The Feminist Health Research Group (Julia Bonn/Inga Zimprich) presents the project The New Health Movement (in cooperation with Alina Buchberger, Huong Nam Nguyen Thi, Pasquale Virginie Rotter, Kim Wichera) at Kampnagel: Representatives of the initiatives are invited to a public podium in the first part of the event, in order to exchange ideas with all those present afterwards. A workshop section invites participants to contribute their own wishes and demands.
The discussion will be moderated by Inga Zimprich (FGRG) and Svetlana Kostic (RomaniPhen).

The initiatives involved in the project »Die Neue Gesundheitsbewegung« are: Women in Exile, Bundesfachnetz Gesundheit und Rassismus, RomaniPhen e.V., <Platz da!> and Casa Kuá. Within this, posters available for download below have been created from interviews with the participating initiatives.

Sponsored by: Fonds Darstellende Künste


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