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Flyer for a workshop for transitioning in the German health system. In front is a textboox.


## Nonbinary, trans* and the healthcare system ##
Online lecture by Kim Wichera
Sunday, 26.4., 15 - 18.00
languages: German.

What can you expect, when you get in touch with the German Health Care system, to get a cover for your transitioning costs? What has changed, since the S3 Standarts of Care were introducesd? How can I get my needs recognized? And what has all this to do with a critique oft he psychiatric system?

In a combination of lecture and workshop, these and other questions shall be answered practically, to spread knowledge about how to deal with the Health Care system.

The webinar is free of charge

Referent*: Kim Wichera is artist*, activist*, publisher* and social worker*

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