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Talk: “Lived Experience Through Creative Process”

Join us for an evening of art exploration with artist/activist Kim Wichera and interdisciplinary artist/IDHA staff member Noah Gokul as they share work informed by topics of mental health, psychiatry, and their artistic practices. Following each artist’s presentation, Kim and Noah will pose questions to one another, inquiring as to how art can shift power dynamics in psychiatry and mental health.

Kim will present work that addresses the transformational processes of mental health and explores the localization of social lines of conflict in the private, and thus the inner. Through the use of video projections, voice, movement, installations, and sound, Kim will share insights into lived experience and how social exclusions are shaped.

Noah will share their visual art, which recently centered on the symbolism and resonances of the spiral, through multimedia explorations of their own experience with ‘spiraling’ mentally. Spirals, amongst other art practices, serve as their research into spaces of possibility at intersections of healing and liberation.

This event is open to artists, creative writers, people with mental health difference, disability and social justice communities, social workers, therapists, mental health professionals, students, creative writing and art departments, psychology and social work departments, and the general public.

IDHA is a small organization that strives to meet the accessibility needs of our community to the best of our ability. Our events are by tiered suggested donation to ensure we can provide closed captions on our events and other programs, though we strive to never turn anyone away. The suggested donation for this event is $10, and we appreciate donations of any size for those who have capacity to give.


ASL interpretation and automated closed captioning will be provided. The event will be recorded and shared with all registrants. If you have any questions about access, please email us at

A square crop image with a light background, featuring an opaque image of a fern arranged in a spiral pattern. At the top is the event title: Lived Experience Through Creative Process: Conversations on Mental Health and Artistic Practice. Below, highlighted against a black background, is the date: March 1, 6-7:30 pm EST. Below in smaller letter reads: ASL + captioning provided, and the IDHA logo. At the bottom are headshots of the two presenting artists, Noah Gokul and Kim Wichera.


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