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My eyes fly over this shape engraved in the matter. My eyes are drawn into this hollow, its silence and emptiness as a magnetic force. Its concave shape offers space to my body. My mind is already flowing inside, my fantasies infuse into the darkness at the bottom. I’m softening and melting to the hollow, I lose the sense of the limits of my own body. Floating in a liminal space between matter and myself, between immobility and movement. My thoughts are drifting. I meditate on what gives us a shape.

As I’m pushing out, in search for definition, i become a sculpture in front of you. The contour is traced, between the force of the matter from within on one side, and the framing powers of your eye on the other side. Somewhere between me and the other. Who decided? Why separated?

Firey friction. Of my bodily utopia against the walls of the normative mould, two worlds colliding.


Is it the same for you as for me? Is my skin the border you have to push against? Each one of us trapped inside of their own shell? Is it ever going to be different? Will I ever be able to appear to you? Will we ever be one again?

WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP between the artifact and its observer? Is there a hierarchical power dynamic between subject and object? Is the gaze a defining moment with the ability to shape an observed skulpture or body? A disembodied tool to carve the surrounding world? Or is it the sculpture, the object, that has the power to guide the viewers gaze? Which one has the power to give form to the other?

[Source: play bill]

Cast & Credits

Creator / Cheoreography: Antoine Carle / Tchivett

Performance: Josefine Mühle, Hana Tefrati, Rafi Martin, Zaharchy Murphy, Hannah Levin

Lightdesign: Elliot Blue

Live Electronics: Kim Wichera

Skulptures: Jeremy Barzic

Dramaturgy: Vanessa Budai

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