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Dear everyone,


You are warmly invited to our block seminar from the 6th until the 10th of November. 

Health, or "being healthy" is a socially maintained norm that none of us can live up to. We were, are and/or become ill, we grow old, we do not always function at moments as we are expected to and as we expect ourselves to. Health breaks down. This is why health and healthcare affect all of us, yet not in the same way. Many questions around equal and fair access to healthcare touch upon systems design, services design, self-organisation and collaboration.The multi-layered social conditions for health, such as housing, financial background, etc., and the access to healthcare are shaped by systemic power structures including citizenship, language, education and more. As a result of these forces at play, many marginalised communities find and maintain non-formal practices which are based in self-organised mutual-aid and peer-to-peer access. 


In the context of this block seminar, we want to expand our discussion of health, access to it, and alternatives to state-operated healthcare. We wish to trouble the binary division of health and illness, and learn from Disability Justice and Care Theory. We will get to know and practice methods of self-organised healthcare that can be applied in everyday life. 


The week's structure will follow a daily routine, which consists of a morning ritual and social-knitting, followed by various student-led and external inputs, workshops and lectures. The week will close in a Fluent body class, followed by a discursive dinner. 



@hfbkhamburg students only this time around


Time: Mo 06/11, 5 p.m.- open end, Tue 07/11- Fri 10/11, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.

It is appreciated but not mandatory to attend the whole week


Please register in advance for the day(s) you want to participate till the 3rd of November:

After registration we will send you a more detailed schedule of the week 


Place: Lerchenfeld, Room 23


Language: English. We can help each other with translation

New health movement

The New Health Movement project team believes that there is a need for a new health movement that challenges the current health system. With the project they want to encourage each other to make demands, get to know other groups and their struggles, learn about their needs and perspectives and build alliances to make all overlapping demands heard.

The New Health Movement project team consisted of Feminist Health Research Group (Julia Bonn/Inga Zimprich), Alina Buchberger, Huong Nam Ngyuen Thi, Pasquale Virginie Rotter, Kim Wichera.

As part of the project, they spoke with RomaniPhen e.V., Women in Exile, Casa Kuà, Platz da!, Mine Pleasure Bouvar and Bundesfachnetz Gesundheit und Rassismus about their experiences with and demands on the German healthcare system. This resulted in a poster with demands, a zine with interviews and a project website:


Discover more activism:

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