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A person is standing on a mountain. The person is dressed in paper layers. In front is a small fire.




Single Channel Video

Ekdysis is a single-channel video by Niya B exploring issues of gender and ecology through class, border-crossing and non-human perspectives.

In Greek mythology, the seer Tiresias was allegedly transformed into a woman for seven years for disturbing two copulating snakes on Mount Cyllene. Niya B re-reads this myth from an eco-transfeminist lens through ritual performances, workshops and sonic explorations. The project is called ‘Ekdysis’ – the biological term referring to the process of shedding the external layer of the skin in reptiles. Counteracting the traditional, patriarchal way of manufacturing history, Niya B engages with her own autobiography to re-envision this metamorphosis as a transgender mythopoesis, which is directly affected by ecology, the feminine/Other and the non-human.

Ekdysis is an ongoing project, which is displayed through live actions, moving image and installations. In this iteration, Ekdysis manifests as a single-channel video following an autoethnographic journey in the land that holds the mythological events of metamorphosis.

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Video by: Niya B
Performances and words: Niya B, Giulia Casalini, Céleste Combes
Voice: Niya B, Eirini Kartsaki
Musik by: Sa Bruxa, Kim Wichera, Zosia Holubowska
Soundediting and -mixing: Lottie Lou Poulet
Colour grading: Niya B, Sam Wiliams

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